Selters Spa

The main tourist attraction of the town of Mladenovac is the famous spa called „Selters“, a true oasis of unpolluted air, peace and greenery which spreads itself across an 18 – hectare park with flower - beds, water fountains and walks. Thanks to its mineral water with healing characteristics, Selters got the status of a spa. The first spring was discovered in 1898, and the water is alcaline and muriatic, rich in sodium – carbonate and chlorine, with a temperature of around 31°C. The second spring was found in 1978, and it is also alcaline and muriatic with carbon – acidic hypothermal springs at the temperature of around 50°C. The water has been used for medical treatment since 1908, and as a natural mineral water it was awarded in Brussels in 1906 and in London in 1907. After that, demand around the world and in the country grew rapidly so the water was bottled and sold even outside Serbia.

Medical treatment in Selters Spa
The treatment in Selters Spa is provided by The Rehabilitation Institute of Belgrade – Department of Selters in Mladenovac, which is equipped with the latest medical diagnostic and treatment devices. Sceletal and joint system deseases, conditions after injuries, neurological conditions and work- caused injuries are all treated in Selters Spa. There are a few departments for rehabilitation: neurological, orthopedic with trauma, rheumatic and children’s rehabilitation.

Therapy includes hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, sonotherapy, work therapy, instrumental and hand massage, as well as respiratory rehabilitation. Mineral water is used in hydrotherapy and kinesitherapy, but also for inhaling and drinking.

Why visit?
Selters Spa is a small spa paradise. Although there are other, more beautiful spas, it is unmatched in Serbia as far as rehabilitation after treatment is concerned. The most important thing is that staying in the Spa gives excellent results and that visitors leave it cured or recovered. Today, Selters has a Wellness and Spa centre.

The Wellness centre offers:
✓ A salt room
✓ A sauna
✓ A jacuzzi bathtub
✓ A swimming pool
✓ Healing mud, peloid
✓ Different massages

The weekend program is particularly tempting, since guests can use all the offers at a very affordable price.

Tourism potential and destinations of Mladenovac and its surroundings

In the north of Šumadija, at the very foothill of mountain Kosmaj, at 113m – 628m above sea level, lies the municipality of Mladenovac. The town is only a 40- minute drive away from Belgrade and a 60 – minute drive away from „Nikola Tesla“ airport.

Mladenovac was proclaimed town on July 2, 1893, and this day is celebrated as the Municipality Day. With its cultural tradition, natural resources and huge historical heritage, Mladenovac represents an extraordinary tourism potential. Mountain Kosmaj (12km) has an extraordinary natural beauty and offers opportunities for ever so popular day trips and hunting tourism.

Koraćica and Selters Spa are very well known around Serbia. Its mineral water called Selters dates from 19th century. There are also 2 lakes: Markovac and Rabrovac Lake, which are distinct tourist sites, ideal for fishing, walking and recreational activities.

Cultural heritage

There is also a large number of historical and cultural monuments, some of which are protected as cultural monuments. Traditional and cultural events are numerous too.
Hospitality of Mladenovac is widely known. People here enjoy healthy food and rest with all their senses.

Distance from House

House *** Selters Sun

Momčila Živojinovića 17/A, Mladenovac 11400 Serbia